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Dear JVs and Affiliates,

Thank you for registering to sell Countdown Rocket. This is a awesome wordpress plugin and really needed in the marketplace.

Here is the issue in web design: Mobile Design!

Practically everyone uses a mobile device these days, and most everyone how is using a Responsive Layout for a website. That is, it is mobile friendly. The problem is that many of the ‘add ons’ that people use on their blogsĀ  are NOT responsive. Video for example. If you place a simple Youtube embed code on a mobile responsive layout website, the video is not responsive on a mobile device. It sticks out to the right of the page and not viewable.

Same with Countdowns. They are pretty much non-existent. Even CountdownMonkey that says it is mobile friendly, is NOT mobile responsive.

What is really cool is that I have added something called “Affililiate Countdown.” Here, you can place a countdown in the header/footer of any webpage, and if this is an affiliate offer, you are cookied for the sale. This is a awesome tool for Scarcity as an affiliate.

Product owners and use Scarcity for launches, and it is proven to sell more. It creates urgency, and who doesn’t want a good deal, right? The same as an affiliate offer. Put scarcity and urgency in your campaigns, and your sales will explode.

Here is the layout of the offer:

1. We are launching at 12 noon, Est, on Friday, June 20th. The price will go up once every 12 hours and have a major increase. It will start somewhere around $20 and will end around $47 for personal license and double for developers, when launch has ended. This product will be evergreen and always be needed.

2. The Early Bird will start at midnight on Friday the 20th, in the early morning. The Early Bird will last until 12 noon, when it is opened to everyone else. Only those who register to the early bird list will have access to the special pricing. People will be able to get the plugin for around $15 and just a couple dollars more for the developers.

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